My bad... it's been rather a few days since i last posted anything.

I promise i was off being creative elsewhere! I'm actually in the process of designing some digi stamps so i've been drawing [like a 7 year old child]

This evening i decided to have a play with my IndigoBlu metallic paints and the end of a pencil, trying to create unusual textures, and this is what happened.

I think this card is a perfect quick fix [minus the time it takes to dry!]

I hope you like!

N x

p.s Day 16 without sugar in my tea.. still missing it.
Evening' all,

I had a good long think today about whether i consider myself to be a hoarder. On the one hand i can't do certain tasks without OCD tendencies [e.g wiping the kitchen work surfaces] but on the other i tend to want to recycle and reuse everything. As a child my mum would hoard wrapping paper from my birthday gifts which i thought was bizarre... but i now find myself doing it! I cant even throw away a pair of old jeans... clinging onto the thought that i might turn them into a 90's throwback bag. [i haven't been drinking]

The mind boggles... With this in mind i made a few scrap-themed cards to use up some odds and sods. Plus brand-new American Crafts Washi tape - it would be rude not to.

N x

*Major confession*... I have a rather dysfunctional crafting space.

Which I like to blame for my lack of motivation in the craft department. We've all been there, the one item you're searching for has seemingly fallen into a black hole! Most furniture i own has been inherited for one reason or another, which certainly helps save money but doesn't always offer the best storage solutions.

If you are of a nervous disposition, look away now...

Ugly eclectic spaces aside.. the aim is to raid IKEA and create a fabulous space to enable and inspire. As i live in rented accommodation there are boundaries i must adhere to, plus my lack of power tools!

All suggestions welcomed!

N x

Here is my first creative entry, a cheeky little card made with a Unity stamp set which has been sat in my draw for months! I am happy to say that my more recent card makes have been more colourful, as a bit of a goth colour can be a scary thing... Hope you like!

Toodle pip!

N x


I am Natalie, a so-called creative who has somewhat fallen off the wagon.

I shall keep this short and sweet - I haven't blogged since i finished Uni a few years ago *insert excuse*.

This is my vow to immerse myself in as many arts and crafts as possible no matter how obscure to feed my creative soul!

Prepare your eyeballs for photography, card making, painting, sewing, knitting, scrapbooking, up-cycling!

*famous last words*

N x