After a rather stressful trip to IKEA and several nights of intense organisation, i can proudly say that my new creative space is here!

There's still work to be done [some things have literally been lashed in a draw] but i'm positive that things will find their natural order.

Drum roll please...

Ta Da!
This setup is a custom desk built from two ALEX drawer units, with a super-long table top. Plus two thin BILLY bookcases either side for my ever increasing book collection.

The actual units were too long to fit in the car... and Helyer [Mon cheri] cut himself and bled all over the boxes.. i then had to schlep them back in and pay for home delivery. I then had a fight with a screwdriver during assembly... he won. Hence the title of this blog!

The desk seats two - so me and my better half can work together... until he gets sick of me asking him to pass me things from the draws. The plan is to use the right side for crafting, and the left for design / editing computer nonsense!

I've strung some twine between the bookcases to act as 'a washing line of inspiration', if you will...

My snug book collection..

My not-so-organised drawers...

And finally a little something i made for my new space using new scrapbooking papers I got from Hey Little Magpie!

Let the crafting commence! 
N x

I well and truly caught the sewing bug some years ago. As my Grandma is an accomplished seamstress and my mum is a casual sewer there was little chance that i wouldn't follow suit.

I studied textiles at college and made a few pieces of clothing here and there. It's something i always come back to when i have time!

Tuning in to the sewing bee with a few rums was the catalyst for starting this blanket! Although to be fair, there's not a lot i won't do after a few rums.

I've since bought fabric and wadding to finish this beauty - and i have a special little lady in mind to give it to!

Let's hope i finish it within the year...

N x

Evening all,

The best thing about working in a crafty environment is working with some truly lovely creative people. I think I certainly learn more nattering to my friends and colleagues than watching TV...

My lovely new friend Aimes, *SHOUT OUT* introduced me to a stamping brand very dear to her heart, Clearly Besotted! And i soon learnt how amazing the owner & creator Stephanie is!

I'm besotted, and whenever i get chance to make a cheeky card, i find myself reaching for their stash!

I hope you like my latest make - Patterned papers + Clearly Besotted + Wink of Stella <3

Planning to attack IKEA at the weekend for my dream craft space... wish me [+ my credit card] luck!

N x